For the last few years, I have been on a mission to understand myself in as many ways and aspects as possible. Seems like such a simple thing, doesn't it? To know and understand oneself? "Who else would you know better?", one might ask. But I think that far from true.Let's start with the idea... Continue Reading →


There is so much truth in this statement. Our habits are everything. This is why evaluation and change are so important in life. Things are always adjusting, moving and re-arranging and we must learn how to do the same, in order to best go with the flow of things. One habit I have always failed... Continue Reading →


Thoughts often linger, like a perfumed scent from an item in passing. The object has long come and gone, but the scent rests upon our cheeks and we continue to be consumed by it; this thing which is no longer there.

Harmony in Communication

I love this idea that, not only can we more fully be there for others, but that we can be aware of ourselves enough to remove our auto-responses and communicate expectations before engaging with others. Some people tend to doll out advice without regard and may seem condescending at times. Others might focus on listening... Continue Reading →

What is Love?

I am starting to dissect this word, "love" and what it really represents to me. I think that the very particular type of romantic love that has been sold to the masses is a dangerous and deceiving message. It leads us to the idea that there is one person that can fulfill us in all... Continue Reading →

Mastering Your Happiness

This is a very simple statement, and yet can be so hard to create this space for our happiness. It is easy to get swept away with other's opinions and advice (often unsolicited) about what is best for us. But I think that the more we fight ourselves, the more lost we become - so... Continue Reading →

Embrace the Chaos

What if all of space and time is just falling in and around itself, sorting and distorting, binding and breaking, forever coming and going from one into another?What if the only control we have is to embrace the chaos?

Perception is everything.

"Of course the bird we see and hear exists. It exists, but what I mean by that may not be exactly what you mean." -Shunryu Suzuki Roshi perยทcepยทtionย  noun the state of being or process of becoming aware of something through the senses. a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.  ... Continue Reading →


Patience for most requires practice. Many, many hours of practice. While every day does present us with opportunities to cultivate forbearance, I believe it has become harder and harder for us to recognize the importance of these opportunities, simply because our need for patience and our examples of patience have decreased in so many ways... Continue Reading →

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