A little about me

To the question
‘Who are you?’
I might say,
‘I am me.’
But what does this mean?
My body is a portal,
My mind is a rabbit hole full of things.


What’s here?

To be found:

The Rabbit Hole came to be after I tried three other blogs with specific niches. But the thing is, I just don’t operate that way. I love to write. I enjoy photography. I recently learned to paint. I love music. I’m learning to play the guitar. I am a thrifty bibliophile and I love to share references for things that have added value to my life. So that’s what I decided to make this about. All the little pieces. May you enjoy the puzzle.


What People Say

Take a few mins to slow down and enjoy a bit of art. Whether paint, pen, or written word, the stories told will get you thinking and feeling!

Krystle Tasch

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