Who am I?

A little about me

To the question
‘Who are you?’
I might say,
‘I am me.’
But what does this mean?
My body is a portal,
My mind is a rabbit hole full of things.


What is
The Rabbit Hole?

Who am I? Seems like a simple question, but as you may come to find, I’m not skilled in the art of simple answers. I like to add lots of extraneous information that seems relevant to me at the time. Trying to answer who I am and what this page is about has a serious editing project.

The simplest answer is that my name is Samie. I am an artist and a writer living in Phoenix, Arizona. I would love to turn my talents into a career, which is where this site comes in. Please see ‘W.Rabbit Art’ for links to my portfolios as well as my social media pages. Etsy and Patreon accounts are in the works, so please keep an eye out for updates and feel free to reach out to me in regard to any art requests.

As for the blog itself, the truth is I’m not even sure what it’s about yet. I’ve tried a number of different blogs over the last decade, each with their own theme or focus. I always get bored. I always feel boxed in by the limitations and rarely does my inspiration for that topic motivate longer than a month.

This is where the Rabbit Hole comes in. I maintain no real focus here; perhaps with the exception of curiosity. I hope you’ll embrace sense of illogical whimsy in the spirit of artistic adventure. Liken yourself to Alice as she stumbles into some other dimension of reality that is Wonderland. Forget what makes sense, drop the semantics, overlook chronology and what you know of time. Perhaps even consider the notion that everything is actually happening at once. Embrace the unexplained.

For the sake of my own perceived veil of anonymity, my blog will be delivered through the eyes of Joi, a fictional character who is very much my version of Alice herself (you can expect many references to AIW throughout my work). Through Joi I plan to explore my own life predicaments, ponderings, musings and inspiration. Expressions may be presented through fictional stories, poems, art, photographs, ramblings from the past, memories from the future; anything can be a story. There are all these little, independent droplets of a lifetime; moments, glances, feelings and insights. Fleeting moments that hold eternities within their womb.

Whad’ya say? Hop in the passenger seat and join me on a slightly different plane of reference; we’ll take the box and shake it up so we can see what else comes together.

You ready?

Let’s go.


What People Say

Take a few mins to slow down and enjoy a bit of art. Whether paint, pen, or written word, the stories told will get you thinking and feeling!

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