Who am I?

A little about me

To the question
‘Who are you?’
I might say,
‘I am me.’
But what does this mean?
My body is a portal,
My mind is a rabbit hole full of things.


What is
The Rabbit Hole?

Welcome, one and all, to the Rabbit Hole. I am W. Rabbit and this is my collection of thoughts, sentiments, interests and personal projects. That which does not come from my blog (WRabbit Words) or my portfolios is not claimed by me. Rather, I seek to be a channel for positive, educational, forward-thinking and well spoken messages that have added value to my life and I believe can do the same for others. There are so many great people in the world, spreading messages of love, equality, responsibility and encouragement, yet there are so few conduits for this type of channel. I seek to offer an opportunity to focus on these things which lie, perhaps, just outside the norm. I believe that a change of focus has the power to save us from ourselves. I have collected these bits and pieces with love and belief in a better value system for our future. I hope the resulting collection succeeds in inspiring, comforting, encouraging or sparking curiosity in at least one of you. For that, it would be worth it. May you enjoy the puzzle.
Happy travels.


What People Say

Take a few mins to slow down and enjoy a bit of art. Whether paint, pen, or written word, the stories told will get you thinking and feeling!

Krystle Tasch

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