One Way or Another

It exists, this place. 💙
It lives in my heart, in memories of my childhood.
A special time, sailing in Mexico between the years of 94-98. I am free as a bird with my imagination and thoughts of possibilities. I am surrounded by adventurous, open-minded, kind-hearted people who embrace change and rise to their challenges. They great each day ready to meet surprises with a smile, knowing that if they can’t overcome something alone, that they’re part of a tribe that will be happy to help. They participate with each other regularly and welcome new adventurers with open arms, ready to help if needed. Every day feels like opening a treasure chest. There is so much to learn about; what are the parts of our ship and how do they work? What is this new place we are in and how shall we choose where to explore first? How many creatures are hiding under these blue, watery blankets and what do they all do? How many stars watch over us at night and is it possible for me to simply float away amongst them?
I am forever homesick for a place that lives in my memory, every detail accounted for. The good news is, I remember it well enough to know a match when I see one. 😉 I know that there are still tribes of people out there with these same ideals. Not all corners are crumbling. Not all people are bad. Not all hope is lost. I will find my way home again, one way or another.


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