What Are You Waiting For?

A certain shade of green?

I’m tired of waiting.

This song always forces me to recognize my stagnance. The part where I keep finding myself in stagnancy might give you enough of a hunch that the song resonates with me stronger every time I hear it. It is time to get out of my own way, to follow the green lights and greet the journey as it arrives to me. Time to heed less the self-doubt and remember all that I’ve made it through thus far. Not through the most, but not with the least, somewhere mostly in-between. I’m in no competition with anyone besides who I was yesterday, in a continuous effort to improve and fine-tune myself with each experience and lesson.

My goal is to earn enough of a living selling my art and creating thoughtful content to be able to fund life in a tiny home. I’ve always dreamed of such a life, but suddenly see myself closer to it than ever before and I am ready to accept the challenge; to re-evaluate my priorities, my goals and my needs. All signs say “go”.

I have a lot of questions I need to ask myself in order to figure what type of tiny home will be my best fit; simply a permanent tiny home, a tiny home on wheels, or even a bus conversion – possibly even some combination among those. The options are nearly endless, so there is a lot to consider, but it is quite a delight to imagine how tremendous it will feel to accomplish such a lovely feat as crafting my own home with love.

If anyone reading would like to share advice or references, I am open to it!

Faster above, slower below.

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