For the last few years, I have been on a mission to understand myself in as many ways and aspects as possible. Seems like such a simple thing, doesn’t it? To know and understand oneself? “Who else would you know better?”, one might ask. But I think that far from true.

Let’s start with the idea that there are three versions of ourselves. There is the person we perceive ourselves to be, the person others see us as, and who we actually are. As we can never truly understand the full spectrum of these things combined, we will never know the full truth of who we are and how that effects the world around us.

However, I do believe that we can know some of it, and that every little bit possible is worth understanding. The more we know and understand the things that make us tick, the more we can control our emotions and reactions. The more we can re-train ourselves and cast out bad habits while creating healthy, new habits that encourage us in the directions we wish to go.

The more we understand how we affect and come across to others, the more we can improve our communication skills and cooperate in social situations more effectively. For example, if I can see where my poor planning or lack of emotional self-control takes a toll on others, I can learn to read my own behavior and train myself to respond in accordance to each situation. I can thereby learn ways to have a better impact on those around me. Not to say that I should be morphing myself solely to make others happy – but that it is responsible to recognize and eliminate useless behavioral habits that are no help to myself or those around me. I save myself valuable spiritual and emotional energy and I relieve others of the inconvenience of dealing with someone else’s incompetencies.

The more we effectively control our emotional ranges, the more practical and productive we can be both for ourselves and for society. I think this is insurmountably important in moving towards our future. We are moving faster and more chaotically every day. I hope you will find time to create space and communicate with yourselves and others. Take time to understand all the things you’ve been avoiding in your life. Find the courage to ask the questions that may set you free. Find room in your heart for forgiveness. Address the past and remind yourself it is only part of your present if you continue to carry it with you.

We have the power to free ourselves. And when we do, we will inevitably inspire others to do the same, and so on and so on. So, carry on! Seek your truths beyond your fears and free your mind of false cages. Recognize and embrace your innate potential. ❤

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