There is so much truth in this statement. Our habits are everything. This is why evaluation and change are so important in life. Things are always adjusting, moving and re-arranging and we must learn how to do the same, in order to best go with the flow of things.

One habit I have always failed to keep is regular exercise. So I’m starting this month with a 30-day workout challenge. Nothing crazy – I have MUCH less success jumping full-on into anything. I like to ease into things and build up as I go. Today’s challenge is: 15 sit-ups, 5 crunches, 5 leg raises, and a 10 second plank. I will add a yoga routine from my favorite yogi, Adriene, @fwfglife – who happens to have a free 30-day challenge you can sign up for at ywahome.com.
What is a habit that you would like to add to your routine this year?
Quote reoposted via Secrets2Success.

In reference to the 30-day challenge mentioned above, I apologize for this post being out-of-date. However, there are no rules saying that a 30-day challenge must start at the first of any month. 😉

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