Mastering Your Happiness

This is a very simple statement, and yet can be so hard to create this space for our happiness. It is easy to get swept away with other’s opinions and advice (often unsolicited) about what is best for us. But I think that the more we fight ourselves, the more lost we become – so it is important to learn to understand yourself more than anyone else. Discern what makes you happy, upset, scared, uncomfortable, everything. Learn how to read your body and what it’s telling you. Then master your emotional patterns; figure out how to feel the waves as they come and know that they will pass with much more ease if you handle them properly. Find ways to aid your weaknesses so they no longer hinder you, and accentuate your strengths (with humility) and see where they take you. Finding this balance for ourselves is possibly the most important thing we can do. Not everyone will respect that as it is and will continue to push their ‘good intentions’ on you, and that is ok. There is no need to feed that energy, either way. Recognize what helps you be the best version of yourself and don’t ever stop honing in on that.

Much love and kudos on your journey.

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