Patience for most requires practice. Many, many hours of practice. While every day does present us with opportunities to cultivate forbearance, I believe it has become harder and harder for us to recognize the importance of these opportunities, simply because our need for patience and our examples of patience have decreased in so many ways in regard to every day life. With the world at our fingertips within a second, we mustn’t wait for much these days; so much emphasis on HERE! FAST! and NOW! NOW! NOW! Never fast enough to keep enough distance between us and the discomfort we’ve learned to run from. It frustrates me when I get lost in that impetuous behavior; caught up in the wave of wants, unable to focus instead on the greatness of what lies in the waiting. That is where the seed of anything grows; in wait. In the down moments, the in-between moments, and most definitely the moments which seem to offer little or nothing at all. 🌱 For these reasons, I vow to and for myself to cultivate patience daily by finding and creating opportunities to plant those seeds. How do you cultivate your patience?

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