Stagnation Negation

Where is the path to freedom from the stagnant river?

It is in the slightest movement
Begin and move again
When one move ends, I must begin another.

Move with music,
with art, words, dance,

with decision.
Move with that which compels your lightness forward.

Stagnance is the absence of maintained functionality.
The river must run,

Momentum MUST be maintained.

Run! Fly! Burst from the muddy waters
Tear your soul from this grasp
of a listless existence.


It’s pretty magical to me how meeting certain people can cause my entire world to be shaken up, just like that. With one even swoop, how the essence of another human can distort so many corners of my current reality. What is and isn’t possible, things I’ve overlooked, or maybe things I haven’t allowed myself to see. It feels stupendously shitty to realize how much I’ve settled in my choices and how delusional I’ve been to continue telling myself that outside forces are keeping me from the things I would rather be doing. I’m kinda glad it feels shitty though; maybe that’s the push I need.

You’re tired of this cage. So break out of it.

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