Doing Nothing

These are my favorite moments of all. The lightness of simply enjoying life in all of its magic. Observing the trees or the ocean moving, twisting and dancing, feeling the breeze brush past my body, taking in the sounds around me, weather they be of the birds, waves, the chattering of folks nearby… Every now and then, these moments reach into my daily life and stir the stagnancy right out of my soul. These occasions never cease to make me smile and they have become my own ideal of success. For me, it has little to do with titles, income, popularity or showcases. It is, instead, about these moments of clarity and the readiness to recognize them and embrace them.  That is what defines the experience, you see. Just to be doing nothing is not what it is about. It is about seeing and feeling the richness that can be found in the absence of excess action and noise. Not all movement is fulfilling or even productive. How grateful I am to witness life in its barest essence and to be absolutely contented within the eternal “stillness” that it provides. They may outwardly seem still, but in my perspective, they are some of the most alive moments I’ll ever be witness to. 

Artwork from Smitten Italy + Co. available here.

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